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Emmar Research

Venture of AKTIENMARKT By Providential

Emmar Research is structured to work with global majors in developing or structured solutions to creating tactical capital solutions on major asset development requirements in the public infrastructure markets. ERC offers a wide array of services and solutions spanning joint ventures, public private, technological integration and sustainability risk management modules to assist in establishing capital to large scale infrastructure projects.



EMMAR POWER, Luxembourg 

A specialised vertical domiciled in Luxembourg; under the Emmar Research Company; a Sub-holding core focus company established to develop and manage Greenfield Assets in Power Generation. The company's structure is based on an organic growth to the holding entities through the development and management of power generation units in renewable and green energy for long term fixed income potential. The assets are developed through Special Purpose Vehicles that are typically structured for levered returns and offer our Parent Investment Companies with sophisticated risk managed investment compartments for sustained derivative potential to our Institutional Investor Base. 

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Domiciled in Luxembourg, Providing turnkey solutions as part of Providential's investment structures & schedules. Emmar's Integration solution is based on providing tactical partnerships that involve developers, concessionaires, public private partnerships to State Owned asset development programs and to private corporations as well. Emmar's integration company is sophisticated and offers solutions across various spectrums. Private Companies that require a structured base to ensure capital formation modules are adhered to, solutions to cater credit risk management, asset development risks, risk factors to ensure credit enhancement through risk transfer mechanisms, compartmentalised solutions to integrate global brands in reducing the risk of investments; Emmar Integrations is a state of the art solution base that is specific to both sell and buy sides that host strong understanding of the financial markets and products. 




Luxembourg Domiciled, Emmar's vertically integrated sub holding that issues structured investment, acquisition vehicles & funds to acquiring large land tracts for infrastructure and hospitality asset integrations. A model that is designed to creating the requisite asset base over the illiquid lands/estates with revenue models incorporated to suit and deliver quality credit risk managed assets to our existing base of Institutional Investors. 

Emmar Estates structure is to host lands under our holdings to create a revenue model to the land banking modules incorporated. This spans, luxury hospitality assets, destination assets & infrastructure assets. 

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Capital Market Solutions 

Domiciled in Delaware, USA; Emmar Capital Corporation is established to offer integrated services to deliver capital formation solutions to both in-house and open market requirements. With specialised downstream verticals Emmar Providential Capital Markets [UK] & RIEN FCA [UK], ECC Offers a wide range of solutions to creating structured capital through business advisory modules that deliver requisite underlying formations to ensure capital market products can be delivered to our Institutional Base of Investors and also to create strategic feed entities to ensure growth capital availability to both in-house developments & sell side requirements. Emmar Capital Corporation is a consolidate venture under the Emmar Research Umbrella. 

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