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Established in 1976 as Family Concern; Emmar was founded by Mr. M.R. Narayanan & Mrs. Nirmala Narayanan. Emmar is a family owned business. As one of the largest contributors of sophisticated technology to the Indian Industrial Growth Markets; Emmar has over 400 integrated solutions to its roster across the markets of Railways, Power, Defence, Aerospace, Steel, General Heavy Engineering. With a stellar reputation and high quality engineering knowledge; Emmar was a pioneer in introducing the structure of integrated capital asset management with a core focus on structured returns to the investors. Emmar is now restructured as a business holding and is continued to be held by the EMMAR Family through the Emmar Family Offices representing the Promoter; Madabushi Narayanan Gosakan. With an expansive view of growth structures now incorporated; the Family Offices have established an Institutional Holding Trust from Europe to provide structured investment management through our self-regulated platform in Switzerland. Emmar continues to brand itself and is now poised to expanding through acquisitions and investments in the sectors of Infrastructure and Real Estate. 




The Flagship Company has remained an engineering markets focused company contributing to developments and asset building in the markets of energy, power, railways, steel and general infrastructure. The Holding company has been established by restructuring the flagship company into a global investment company. Strategised to creating fixed income potential through both an organic & in-organic growth module; Emmar Investment Holdings focuses on Mergers, Acquisitions and Developments as a part of its integrated business module. The Company works through a range of underlying Acquisition & Investment Vehicles, focused on creating asset value through strategic acquisitions of assets, equity positions and derivatives alongside investing in globally leading asset development institutions and entities. 


Wind Power

On & Offshore Assets 

Investing in Wind Power Generation Assets and Development Corporations Worldwide. 

Solar Panels

Solar & Hybrids

Utility Scale Developments

Investing in developing and acquisitions of Utility scale solar and Hybrid Power Generation Assets

Gas Plant

Gas Based Power

Large Scale Power Generation

Energy focus markets and downstream investments. Gas Based power is a major source of growth modules adopted.

London Tube

Urban Transportation

Urban Transport & Industry

Railroad, Metro, Mono Rail Assets and other concessions. 

Staying Fit

Alternative Markets

Strategic Investments

Healthcare, Medical Research and Developments, Medical Institutions

Manufacturing Assembly


Commodity Markets

Public Commodity Markets and Manufacturing

Gosakan Narayanan Capital Holdings

The Emmar Investment Holdings is owned by our global offshore holding corporation, Gosakan Narayanan Capital Holdings. The holding umbrella is structured for a consolidated holding and distribution of global revenue streams. GNCH is managed by the private offices of Madabushi Narayanan Gosakan. To know more about the family offices; please click here. 

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