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Investing in global infrastructure asset based fixed income potential



Infrastructure Assets provide a secure module of investments. Emmar is designed to invest in Infrastructure Assets through our diverse strategy base that is linked to fixed income potential through the long term revenue structures that Infrastructure Assets deliver. These assets range from Concessions to Off-take guaranteed modules that are typically linked to public and institutional consumption thereby generating strong revenue potential. Infrastructure investments structured by Emmar follow a sophisticated model that is designed in conjunction with global leaders providing our investments with asset performance underwriting and management systems



Global Infrastructure Market based developers and concessionaires work on creating assets with fixed income potential. We define them as core investors who develop these assets either on levered or unlevered modules for creating free cash flow to equity positions. Core Investors typically define their assets into Special Purpose Vehicles [SPVs] to ring fence the asset risks from their holdings while revenue streams generated are consolidated into sub holding or top companies; as may the architecture be. Emmar's investment and acquisition modules run through Special Purpose Investment/Acquisition Companies that are ring fenced and issued under strong white label management and regulatory purview to raising capital for distribution as requisite. Investments at this layer of distribution and holding formations are driven through regulated funds that are poised for developing an in-organic expansion module for our holding ideology. 


Emmar's development funds and Investment Companies are designed in collaboration with globally leading technologists who provide our development ideologies with requisite technical support to developing and managing physical infrastructure assets. Our major focus lies in Power Generation Assets & Energy Assets; while we also have other market interests ranging investments in strategic areas such as Pipeline Highways in Infrastructure, Steel Plants, Oxygen Plant, Steel Production Plants both DRI/Sinter; Emmar's organic growth is focused on investing in high strategic capital assets and industrial assets that are both in the green-field or brown-field stages. The development funds under Emmar are poised for a wider range of investment schedules and management. 



Emmar is technologically integrated investor; a research based investment house that has a core focus in identifying and investing in assets with a strong global research base utilised for formation of highly secure platforms for our Institutional Investor Base


Investing in Industrial Assets are a long term strategy. Manufacturing industries provide strong underlying integrations that are a major feeder system to the growing infrastructure requirements worldwide. Investing in the parent markets is a strategic ideology Emmar holds and the Company's history interlocked with our capacities today to integrate a global capital base along with strong underwriting modules; Emmar believes in the building of assets under our holdings in the Industrial markets of Steel, Cement, Petrochemical and other critical path manufacturing including Railroad & Defence. 

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