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Globally Integrated Industrial & Infrastructure Investors

Manufacturing industry carries both a forward & backward integration structure that makes it one of the most important sectors of economic growth; 


Established in the year 1976; Emmar was founded by M.R. Narayanan & Mrs. Nirmala Narayanan and has been one of the leading turnkey integration and solutions management company in India. Right through the Industrial growth era; Emmar introduced some of the highest quality of technology to the production of critical path products in the markets of Railways, Defence, Aerospace, Steel, Power, Energy and other Heavy Engineering. Emmar is a pioneer in introducing Spanish Technology to the Indian Markets in the early 70s. 

Emmar was redefined in the year 2014 to work with global capital markets and institutional investors focused on a long strategy investment module to develop and manage assets in the markets of Infrastructure & Industry.  

Emmar was established as a turnkey integrations company in a specialised market segment of production and maintenance capital assets. Ranging a wide market definition; Emmar was bifurcated to cater the end product definition by production industries such as railways, defence, aerospace and heavy engineering, alongside power, energy. The process of manufacturing is integrated under the constitutional modules of Steel Production, Forging, Metal Cutting, Metal Forming and Finally into Packaging and Distribution. Emmar's flagship business focused on the Metal Cutting area which is the most crucial layer in production of high quality material. Once the steel produced is introduced to forging; metal cutting is introduced to provide high accuracy in cutting the metal to form the required end product which ranges Railway Axles, Engines, Powertrain, Rakes, Bogies; In Aerospace with Turbines, Tank Engines, Engines for the Airforce, Space Machinery and in the fields of Power; boilers, turbines, wind mill hubs, mainframes, masts; energy with Valves, Solutions for Gas Based Power, Mechanical Equipments ranging Automations, Material Handling etc. Emmar's work in the critical path gave it a high knowledge base in the production of steel both from DRI and Sinter routes which are crucial in nature for the metal cutting area and our solutions integrated well into the forging and finally into the Metal Forming space which gives the end product to markets. This integration across the industrial segments have allowed Emmar to work with global leaders such as POSCO, Hyundai, GE, CAF Rail, GHH Radsatz and many others including and not restricted to Industrial leaders in Power, Oil & Gas, Railroad and Railways, Airforce. 

Owing to our extensive experience with over 400 Turnkey Solutions across India, Africa and Some Parts of Asia; Emmar has a large collaboration base in Technology, Solutions and Services and our deep knowledge in securing the production and performance of assets allows us to perform as a strong development management module for the global markets. Our relations with leading public sectors and concession potential across Asia, Europe are an added advantage to our scope of developments worldwide. 

The Emmar Brand has been acquired through a Private Institutional Investment House based in Switzerland. The Company ownership modules are available through our legal department. 


Emmar is bifurcated to cater different market access potential to the holding structure


Investment Management

Managed under a white label umbrella; Emmar owns and manages an underlying holding structure with a white label management allowing for regulated and qualified funds ranging Swiss Qualified  AIFs from Switzerland, Lichtenstein & Luxembourg for issuance to our Institutional Investors toward our investments in acquisitions, developments and strategic capital market positions worldwide


Capital Markets

Emmar's arm that provides integrated capital market access and solutions for creating and managing a range of assets and asset backed securities worldwide. The structural integration of underlying asset backed derivatives are driven through our sophisticated underwriting procedures and management of instrumentation for our capital investors worldwide. The system provides us with full capacity architecture to design and manage specialised and bespoke investment initiatives



Development and Acquisition platforms designed to cater our Institutional Investors with requisite underlying securitisation and management of physical assets. Working in conjunction with globally leading technologists, operations & maintenance; we bring in a bespoke underwriting module to the assets within the portfolio of derivatives formulated for cash feeds to the investments. With a consolidated management & administration module; Emmar owned businesses provide full purview audit and reporting modules to ensure seamless information transfer and tracking for our investor base





Infrastructure Assets backed derivatives formulate one of our primary target markets. Ranging both Greenfield and yielding Assets; our module is defined to invest in Infrastructure Assets hosting Hybrid Annuities, Power Purchase Agreements, Power Transmission, Energy - Refineries, Extraction, Logistics, Gas Based Power and Others within the up & downstream spectrums of Energy



Industrial Assets in Steel, Production Shops and Heavy Engineering; Manufacturing Industries formulate a very key part of our investment strategies. We range Industries of Steel, Power, Oil & Gas, Railways, Urban Rail, Petrochemical, Oxygen, Sinter and Others that host end product developments for the Public Infrastructure Markets


Real Estate

Real Estate is another core focus market spectrum strategised under our investment modules. Working with major global Real Estate Developers in Luxury Hospitality, Luxury Residential; Emmar has established a core focus division that prioritises investments in strategic land, assets yielding in the hospitality and healthcare markets. our investments are strategically driven where most of our return base is modelled on lease, joint ventures and strategic acquisitions



Global Infrastructure Investments



Global Industrial Market Investments



Strategic Real Estate Investments

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