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Emmar is a privately held company. We do not provide any form of retail wealth or fund management services and do not offer any depositary services or financial advisory in any form. Emmar is a global investment company and any detail or information available on any of our marketing content including our social media sites or websites are not an offering of investments of any kind. Our investment strategies are driven through a regulated and fully compliant process adhering to strict regulations on Anti Money Laundering, Anti Terrorism and any other Illegal Forms of Financial Businesses. If you are contacted by anyone or entity stating to be a representative or agent or any other form of association with Emmar or any of its holdings or subsidiaries or promoters/management/administration; please write to us at with all information you may have prevalent. Emmar or its owners/management/administration are not responsible or liable for any losses you or your entity may have faced due to any unofficial communications you may have received or decided to work upon without confirming with our official offices. Please see our detailed disclaimer at

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