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Emmar originated as a family owned business with its core business in providing turnkey solutions to the development of capital assets. 

The Company pioneered in introducing European technology to the development of technologically driven industries focused in the production of capital goods and solutions of essentials to the public domain. 

The Company specialised in sourcing and trading at various layers of the business of industrialisation and infrastructure management. With over 400 turnkey capital assets established; Emmar is a pure bred merchant operation with a strong engineering base to its value chain deliverance. 

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The expansion module is structured around a natural transition based on the company's core activity base. Emmar's value chain is centred around the base requirement of clients having to ensure that the establishment of capital assets are structured to catering the required returns on investments, equity and the capacity of the investments to yield to profits in the most viable durations of 5-7 years. Emmar as a merchant naturally incorporated a strong value chain to its supply and management to ensure that the Investment values were upheld alongside operational support to ensure ROI. Emmar had to incorporate financial engineering to ensure viabilities of senior debt for Investors and Developers alongside the Returns to Equity through performance and operations of the said assets. Owing to our sophisticated markets; Emmar also adopted bespoke products to ensure successful asset establishments. This knowledge base and our extensive market presence in segments of Railways, Power, Energy, Steel, Cement etc., that took us from raw materials to finished capital goods; made us an unique underwriter of the asset and its performance criterion. 

This extended market spectrum has allowed us to create a state of the asset development company which is designed on both organic and in-organic growth modules. The restructure of Emmar was designed to convert EMMAR as a Solutions Provider to EMMAR as a Development - Manager. 

Understanding the dynamics of the underlying capital resources; the additional module adopted was to formulate an in-house autogenous platform that could cater the company infrastructure needed to raise strategic capital from the markets. With Emmar being able to underwrite structured development modules which spreads across Sourcing, Quality Control to best in class pricing and consolidated with provision of Operational and Management support to ensure sustainable asset performance, makes us a unique Principal Corporation. Our knowledge base allows us to cater the infrastructure asset development based on its underlying requirements of industrial supply chain management and value chain solutions. 

Emmar's primary founders are both deceased and the new structure consolidates the second generation management under Madabushi Narayanan Gosakan. With the new management structure consolidated with Madabushi Narayanan Gosakan. 


Emmar was established in the year 1976; founded by Mr. M.R. Narayanan & Mrs. Nirmala Narayanan; the company was developed as a family run business house. The company established its roots by creating technological collaborations with major Spanish technology corporations spanning Group Danobat & Zayer S.A. Emmar worked closely with all major market segments of India spanning Railways, Steel, Power, Energy, General Heavy Industries, catering to the establishment of capital assets used to producing critical commodities both raw & finished goods for Infrastructure, Logistics, Industries. Emmar has over 400 turnkey solutions established across India and select parts of Asia & Africa. 

Having worked with global technologists and with a core view of establishing capital assets that define the growth of infrastructures; it was a natural transition in establishing this new age corporation that hosts fragmented specialisations of Emmar under different core specific banners. 

Emmar's flagship is also now being re-developed to create industrial assets across India and with the restructured holding company module; Emmar is able to go past the National shores to provide bespoke solutions or clients worldwide. 


Get to Know Us

The market of infrastructures is built on the demand of essential requirements to the public domain. Infrastructure assets are assets that provide essential platforms for the public domain. Assets such as Power Plants [Generating power for purchase], Oil & Gas Assets that provide solutions to the Energy Industry; Roads & highways; Railways are some of the major Infrastructures that Emmar catered to. Infrastructure Assets comprise machinery & plant and raw materials to operate and deliver necessary solutions. These requirements are met by an industrial layer that helps in delivering such goods also known as capital goods such as Steel, Cement, Sand, Minerals, Metals etc. The Industrial development formulates a major critical path as the need of capital goods in manufacturing and processing is a standard requirement the world over. Emmar's core was to create turnkey solutions ranging sourcing, analysis, research, supply management and value add in the form of engineering and indigenisation of the wholistic solution base. These industrial developments also called Capital Assets formulate the course of infrastructure development and management. 

Emmar's role expanded from market study, analysis, sourcing, quality analysis, procurement and sell [trade] or structured supply chain [merchant trade] with the sourcing and supply managed based on the underlying market and its engineering requirements. 


Assets established by Industries to create commodities and products that acted as the major contributor to the Infrastructure Industry and expansion of solutions for the Public Domain requirements.


Assets that span production of Steel, production of high value components and products to supply to the industries of machinery

development to Power, Energy, Railways, Defence & Aerospace;


Markets that Emmar specialises; Capital Assets are complex in nature that combine the feasibility of Investments and the performance of these assets that ensure the sustainability of the returns on the investments and to the equity holders alongside the output to meet

project demands.


Emmar is one of its first unique industries that designed and managed high quality production for urban transportation, renewable power, sustainable energy alongside parent markets that supplied raw materials such as steel, cement and into the end product designs through the management of markets for supply of finished products.


The evolution of Emmar was a natural transition that rose from its integrations outlook that had to ensure its research into best in class assets to be developed to ensure ROI and to ensure that the downstream is able to underwrite and manage the production, skill training for future hand over. These critcial factors make us a state of the art institution with a knowledge base that spans beyond the normal barriers of engineering corporations.

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