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Welcome to the official site of Emmar Research Company; a vertically integrated venture managed by AKTIENMARKT By Providential


Get to Know Us

Established in the year 1976; Emmar is a pioneer in introducing European technology in the Indian Manufacturing growth era of the 70s. With over 400 turnkey solutions across India, Africa, Asia & Europe; Emmar is the founding base entity of Providential in Switzerland. Emmar, now restructured as a specialised venture providing an array of structured solutions in the development, management & capitalisation of large scale infrastructure & industrial assets is a critical vertical of the Providential group of Companies. Emmar is restructured & managed through a EU unit located from Luxembourg under the banner; EMMAR RESEARCH COMPANY.  

Emmar was founded by Mr. M.R. Narayanan & Mrs. Nirmala Narayanan as a family business and the banner is continued to be owned by the Family. 


Emmar Research Company was established to cater a critical ideology path developed and managed by Providential. Providential's investment strategies and markets are based on large scale infrastructure and select industrial assets and portfolios that formulate the derivative structure to the Investments envisioned and conducted. Infrastructure & Industry both carry multiple risk factors downstream and a crucial factor of technology, operations, geo-politics, treasury risks are a major area of Investment guidelines that are requisite to be well defined and managed to creating a sustainable investment module for our qualified institutional base of Investors. 

Providential targets both Public [State Level] and Private level transactions worldwide that include strategic development or repackaging requirements as part of our investment initiaitves. Providential's other core focus lies in developing downstream developments that offer both organic net asset building and also in-organic through strategic acquisition portfolios. Emmar with a history of having worked in the sectors of Energy, Power, Railways, Steel, Heavy Engineering; bring a massive global network of technologists and partners in developments, concessions and in general underwriting of performance and revenue management which all cater to the critical factor of structured investing and management

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